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About Us

  • Divine Retreat Ministary

    It is the fruit of God’s particular intervention in the history of the Church, the new Israel. Submitting to the message of the Holy Spirit, there was and there is a great movement in the realm of the Charismatic renewal, in the Church. This renewal movement was led, especially in India, by Divine Retreat Ministries. Millions of people belonging to different faith find total deliverance and salvation through these Ministries. It gave a momentum to the present day Church to proclaim and experience Jesus as the only savior and the redeemer of the whole world.

  • History

    Accepting the Word of God prompted by the Holy Spirit Rev. Fr. Mathew Naikomparampil V.C. in 1986, initiated various Divine Ministries in Potta Ashram, Chalakudy, Kerala. As guided by the Holy Spirit and with the faithful execution of the same from the very inception it took hardly any time for Potta Divine Centre to evolve National as well as International acclaim, appreciation and recognition.

    Millions from various parts of the country and outside began receiving spiritual renewal after participating in the various retreats and ministries conducted in the Centre. The Holy Bible verse “The blind can seek, the lame walk, those who suffer from dreaded skin diseases are made clean, the deaf can hear, the dead are raised to life” (St. Luke 7:22) is fulfilled here daily. Thousands from all over throng every week to Potta Divine to listen to the Word of God, to receive both mental and physical cure. Just not that alone, God chose and blessed the Potta Divine Retreat Team to go around the globe and proclaim the word of God.

  • Divine at Faridabad (Delhi -NCR)

    Listening to the people’s cry of Northern India, where the spirit of renewal had not permeated much, Holy Spirit again gave message to Rev. Fr. Mathew Naikomparampil V.C., who was busy on the move, conducting retreats and spiritual rejuvenation to people in various parts of North India, that Divine Retreat Centre should be set up around Delhi. Based on this central message and with the approval, permission and pastoral blessings of the Late Delhi Archbishop Allen De Lastic and then Director of D.S.T Rev. Fr. George Kurethara, the Divine Retreat Ashram was started in Faridabad with Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Punnolil as its Director.

    The first convention held in 1999 at Faridabad was blessed and inaugurated by Archbishop Allen De Lastic himself. Thousands who flocked to the Divine for the convention went home healed in soul and body. It is in this convention that Fr. Mathew received yet another message that intercessory prayers be held and more specially, the Holy Rosary be prayed for the world at large and North India in particular. On the strength of this, the “Divine Delhi Rosary” came into existence. People of any religion, caste and creed can be members of this group. Its sole intention is to proclaim that Jesus is the savior of the universe and help people come closer to our Lord Jesus through Divine Rosary and Charismatic Prayers. Under this umbrella around 400 coordinators worked for the Glory of God and with their comprehensive effort people in thousands come to Divine Retreat Ashram for prayers and derive their spiritual strength through the Word of God. Started with a meager 35 people for the first night vigil, now the strength has grown to around 10,000 and for every night vigil the strength is getting phenomenally increased. This in itself proclaims how people are graced, strengthened and grown in their quench for spiritual thirst during the night vigil conducted by Divine Retreat Ashram on the evening of every first Saturday of the Month. This day gives an opportunity to many participants to repent and make a good confession.

  • The Ashram Building

    The foundation stone for the new ashram building was laid by Rev. Fr. Mathew Naikomparampil V.C, in September 2000 and with the help Rs. 12 lakhs, which was collected by the coordinators the construction work of the building started. After long struggle and with the generous support of the benefactors and well wishers finally on 11th march 2005 the new Divine Retreat Ashram building was completed and inaugurated. It was blessed by Auxiliary bishop of Delhi His Excellency Dr. Anil Cutto in the presence of Rev. Fr. George Arackal V.C., the Superior General of the Vincentian Congregation and number of faithful, well wishers, benefactors, and goodwill people. The Ashram building can accommodate 450 people at a time for residential retreat and the centre is blessed with its own Auditorium, Book stall and other necessary facilities.

    Rev. Frs. Kuriakose Punnolil V.C. (1998 – May 2003), Rev. Fr. Martin Kalamparambil V.C (May 2003 – November 12th 2007), Rev. Fr. Mathew Elavumkal V.C (November 12th 2007 – May 15th 2010), and Fr. Sabu Thomas Adimakkiyil VC (May 16th 2010– May 24 th 2011) were the Directors of the Divine Retreat Centre under whose inspiration and guidance the centre grew to the present status. It was in a way the opening the gates of heaven for the people of North India to hear and accept the voice of Lord Jesus Christ.

    The other priests who rendered their service were Rev. Frs. Joshi Kochukudiyattil VC, Joseph Pallickamadom VC, Antony Kakkanatt VC, Joseph Chalackal VC, Anto Chittinappilly VC and Jacob Mattappilly VC. The Divine Retreat Ashram (Centre) is marching with the Lord, filled with his spirit to propagate his message of compassionate love, forgiveness and salvation.

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  • “For this is how God loved the World: He gave his only son, so that everyone who believed in him may not perish but may have eternal life” (Jn. 3:16).